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Using Eleplan Smart Scheduling

Elevate your Eleplan experience with Smart Scheduling – a dynamic feature designed to adapt to your usage patterns, ensuring a personalized and efficient interaction with Eleplan. Smart Scheduling actively monitors your application usage, question response times, and overall engagement, automatically adjusting the number of questions you receive per day. Here's a guide on how to use and customize this innovative feature.

Enabling Smart Scheduling:

Navigate to Settings:
- Open Eleplan and go to the Settings page, to the General tab.

Find Smart Scheduling:
- Locate the Smart Scheduling toggle within the Settings.

Toggle Smart Scheduling On:
- Click the toggle switch to enable Smart Scheduling.

How Smart Scheduling Works:

- Adaptive Question Allocation:
- Smart Scheduling adjusts the number of questions you receive based on your average usage and response times.

- Enhanced Efficiency:
- Receive questions at a pace that aligns with your engagement patterns, ensuring an efficient care planning process.

- Automatic Optimization:
- The feature continuously optimizes your schedule, taking into account your responsiveness and overall application usage.

- Your Preference:
- Whenever we find an opportunity to adjust your schedule, we'll ask you first, so you stay in control.

Managing Smart Scheduling:

- Toggle Off Anytime:
- If Smart Scheduling doesn't suit your preferences or needs, simply navigate back to Settings and toggle it off.

- Reset to Default Schedule:
- Turning off Smart Scheduling resets your schedule back to the default settings.

Experience the convenience of a care plan that adapts to your rhythm. Smart Scheduling offers a seamless and personalized Eleplan interaction. If you have questions or encounter any issues, our support team is ready to assist you.

Updated on: 18/01/2024

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