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Understanding Member Permissions

At Eleplan, permissions play a crucial role in determining what actions members can perform within the system. The platform allows account and project owners to manage members and their permissions effectively. Let's delve into the details of each permission to ensure a clear understanding:

Account Permissions:

- Explanation: As an administrator, you have full user privileges. This includes the ability to edit member permissions. Toggling this permission affects a range of functionalities, any member can be granted an Administrator role. Toggling administrator permissions will impact all other permissions.

- Explanation: This permission empowers a member to manage billing-related actions. They can redeem coupons, cancel subscriptions, upgrade subscription limits, upgrade plans, delete payment methods, and customize paid plans.

Project Permissions:

Plan Settings:
- Explanation: Members with this permission can edit plan settings. This is essential for tailoring the care plans to specific needs or requirements. Toggling full plan or administrator permissions will impact this permission as well.

Full Plan:
- Explanation: Users with full plan permissions can engage in comprehensive survey activities. This includes opening full surveys, progressing through questions, and accessing upgrade plan options.

- Explanation: This permission enables users to share plans with others. It includes the ability to see and use the Share button on the plan page, along with all associated sharing functionalities.

- Explanation: Users with members permission can access the members page and utilize all members' functionalities, add, edit and delete members, excluding administrator permissions.

- Explanation: Members with assign permissions can assign any questions within the platform. However, they also need full plan permissions to utilize this feature. Toggling full plan permissions will impact this permission as well. Toggling full plan or administrator permissions will impact this permission as well.

- Explanation: Users with documents permission can access the documents page and utilize all associated functionalities for managing documents within Eleplan.

- Explanation: This permission allows users to access the medications page and use all functionalities related to managing medications within Eleplan.

Understanding and managing these permissions is crucial for maintaining a well-organized and secure environment within Eleplan. Project owners, in particular, should be mindful of assigning permissions according to the specific roles and responsibilities of each member.

Updated on: 11/01/2024

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