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Troubleshooting Push Notifications

Push Notification Issues

No Scheduled Pushes in Eleplans:

If you are not receiving push notifications, it could be because there are no scheduled pushes in your Eleplans. Follow these steps:

Check Project Dashboard:
- Go to the Dashboard of any project and look at the "Prompts" list. If it's empty, you need to answer a new question in your plan to resume notifications.

Issues with Push Subscription:

If you have scheduled pushes but they are not arriving, there might be an issue with your device's push subscription. Follow these steps:

Navigate to Settings:
- Go to your Eleplan Settings page.

Toggle "Push Notifications" Off and On:
- Toggle the "Push Notifications" switch OFF and then back ON. This action should establish a new push connection to your current device.

Note that disabling your push notifications will cancel all push notifications currently scheduled for the device you are currently on.

Push Settings

Updated on: 12/01/2024

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